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Limited Liability Company ‘West Gulf Petroleum’ was founded in 2016, Which is registered in Georgia and is a company with Georgian capital.

West Gulf LLC is an ambitious Georgian company with the aim to become the premier independent oil and gas exploration and development company in Georgia by acquiring and developing exploration licences and using and applying new exploration techniques and acquiring additional seismic data.

The company, as the owner of the main gas pipeline system of Georgia, plays a leading role in ensuring the energy security of the state. It contributes to the smooth operation of transboundary oil and gas transportation systems in the territory of Georgia, which significantly increases the security of the country, the European Union and the international energy markets through their diversification.

Taking advantage of the country’s strategic location, the West Gulf Petroleum  supports the development of new transit routes for the full utilization of the energy potential of the Caspian and Black Sea basins and for the further integration of Georgia into regional/global economic and political structures.

The business of West Gulf Petroleum has been expanding quite steadily over the last years by means of acquisitions but also through organic growth e.g. by construction of new generation facilities such as hydropower plants.

Over the last few years we accelerated growth in areas such as energy trading and we prepared the ground to reach more than 1000 MW in installed electric power generation capacity as well as a market share in Georgian electricity generation of some 25 to 30 % within the next 3 to 4 years.

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